In English, please!

the 8th grade goes to Eastbourne

The morning of April 16, 2018. We, the 8th graders, stand excited in front of the bus that would be our home for the next 12 hours on land and 2 hours by sea. The bus drove us through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. When we arrived in Eastbourne, one by one the students got picked up by their host families, and the first day ended with us being exhausted but happy.



On our first full official day we had a great trip to „Beachy Head“, a long cliff right by the water. There even was a part of the cliff  where other people had written their names on rocks and placed them there. Of course some students couldn´t resist and had to add their own.

Later we had our first day of English school. During classes we learned about descriptions, synonyms and acronyms, feelings and even how to perform a play in English.

A rallye through our part of Eastbourne, consisting of a series of questions, was the last thing on our to-do list for the day. The team with the most correct questions even got a delicious cake during our trip to Hastings a few days later.

The next day started at nine o´clock and we knew we were going to be busy.

Our first stop was at Arundel Castle, a beautiful building about an hour away from where we were staying. We visited the stunning gardens and later we were even allowed to enter the castle. The view was breathtaking. A flight of stairs took us to the top of the castle and it felt like you could see all of England from there!

After a quick lunch break on the grounds the bus took us to Brighton, a big city near the coast. The first thing that caught our eye was the amusement park on the pier. The pier was a platform over the ocean with food stands, arcades and souvenir shops. You could also stand under the pier on the beach, where some students played in the water.

The second adventurous day ended with a ride back to Eastbourne.

Thursday was a bit more relaxed. We started our second-to-last day in England at school and ended it in Hastings, another large and popular city. Here students could explore the city in groups of at least three. Hastings also has a pier, so you can imagine where some groups spent their time.

Sadly, Friday our last day came way to fast. One minute we were stretching after a 14 hour drive from Germany, the next we were having our last English lesson while enjoying fish and chips together.

The last short hours we wandered around the area near us, went shopping, had a bite to eat or met some friends.

With our our luggage in the bus we made our way back to the ferry. We watched the amazing sunset and finally settled in the bus and tried to sleep.

On Saturday we were home at around seven o´clock and were greeted with open arms by our parents.

All in all the England trip of the 8th grade was an exciting adventure we will never forget. We met new people and learned a lot. Future 8th graders can definitely be happy to go!